• collective housing

8.44m2 is the limit narrowness. However, there is no sense of oppression by a big window with the view to the Sumida river and cluster of high-rise buildings in Shiodome. Micro living space, floating in the air. The living space is a part of a city space.

LocationChuo-ku, Tokyo
UseResidential building
StructureSteel structure
Scale8 stories
Site area54.66m2
Building area40.82m2
Total floor area243.24m2
Architectaat+makoto yokomizo, architects Inc.
Structural designJun Sato
Service engineering-
Lighting plan-
Sound engineering-
Landscape design-
Graphic design-
Interior design-
ConstructionOhshiro Gumi
Design periodFeb2006-Jan2007
Construction periodMar2007-Oct2007
Others8.44m2×7 units、8.62m2×1 unit、8.89m2×1 unit、16.61m2×7 units、total 16 units
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