• collective housing

The roof is a top light of film. Triplet type unit of three households. A soft, natural light pours down from the sky over the inside of it. INAX design contest 2004, Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers Residential Architecture Prize Gold Prize 2004.

LocationTaito-ku, Tokyo
UseResidential building
StructureReinforce concrete
Scale3 stories
Site area44.78m2
Building area34.80m2
Total floor area98.52m2
Architectaat+makoto yokomizo, architects Inc.
Structural designStructured Environment
Service engineering-
Lighting plan-
Sound engineering-
Landscape design-
Graphic design-
Interior design-
ConstructionHome builder, Taiyo Kogyo
Design period-
Construction period-
OthersINAX Design Contest Award 2004, 1st Prize Housing project 2005, Tokyo Society of Architect & Engineers.
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