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Roadside restaurant. Building without the front is suitable for the location of intersection. It aimed to give a sense of existence not buried in roadside scenery by making it to the curved surface white, and low. Japanese Society of Commercial Space Designers JCD design award 2008 BEST100.

LocationNisshin, Aichi Prefecture
StructureReinforced concrete + partially steel structure
Scale1 story
Site area652.19㎡
Building area237.82㎡
Total floor area237.82㎡
Architectaat+makoto yokomizo, architects Inc.
Structural designJun Sato
Service engineering-
Lighting plan-
Sound engineering-
Landscape design-
Graphic design-
Interior design-
ConstructionShimizu Construction
Design periodDec2005-Dec2006
Construction periodMar2007-Sep2007
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