The exhibition of “Life and Light”


  • installation

The exhibition space was a lighting showroom filled of fragmentary images of the life of people sampled from the city. For the commonality and abstract-ness, I felt the reality of the megalopolis. The entire floor is covered with one white big cloth. The lightings removed from the ceiling were set up under it.

Location:4F, Endo Aoyama Showroom, Tokyo
exhibition period: 11〜13 May 2008
Supporter: DAIA KEIKO co., ltd.

Site area-
Building area-
Total floor area-
Architectaat+makoto yokomizo, architects Inc.
Structural design-
Service engineering-
Lighting planMiki Matsushita Lighting Design Co., ltd.
Sound engineering-
Landscape design-
Graphic design-
Interior design-
ConstructionInoue Industries
Design period-
Construction period-
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